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Looking for the Top Individual Health Insurance Plans?

Finding the top individual health insurance plans to choose from can be tough. At The George Agency we care about each of our customers individually. This means we will find you the top individual health insurance plan that covers your unique needs. We’ll pair you with the insurance plan that provides the best coverage, best convenience, and high quality care affordably without breaking the bank. We pride ourselves on serving our individual customers in Mullins and Marion to the best of our ability and it shows.

Best Value – Individual Health Plans

Get the best value with low-coast or no-cost urgent care visits for improving your healthy living. We make sure your individual health insurance contains the plan elements necessary for better health and a better life.

Best Care – Individual Health Plans

Get the best care available. We help you get the top health care plan that connects you to the best providers throughout Marion County, specifically here in Mullins and Marion. If you need a specialist for your condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease or cardiac health, we have the individual health insurance plan to provide you with a quality health care provider.


Open enrollment begins on November 1, 2021 and enrollment ends on January 15, 2022.

We are dedicated to serving our individual customers, and we are told we do it well. We’re one of the few health insurance companies in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas, that work hard to provide the best individual health insurance solutions for you. With our extensive knowledge of health insurance policies, we will help you to avoid gaps in individual coverage or the pitfalls often encountered in an individual health insurance policy. -return to health insurance plans-

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